Dot's New Pregnancy Mode Now Available for Android Devices

Are you pregnant and want to count down the days until your delivery date? If so, that's great! Don't miss the new Pregnancy Mode feature for Dot Android. Dot's pregnancy mode will put Dot "on hold" for you until your periods have returned back to normal.

It's simple and straightforward. Here's how you launch the pregnancy mode feature:

1. Confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test or doctor's visit.

2. Go into "Settings" and tap on "Pregnancy Mode" to turn it on.

3. Countdown the days to your pregnancy due date based on your last period.

When your periods return, you can begin tracking with Dot. There will be special instructions for starting back up as your cycles adjust.

We hope you love it! And thank you for the feedback from users that led us to making this new feature​ available for Dot Android.

The pregnancy mode is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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