Debunking Myths: Calendar Period Dates

Debunking Period Myths - Having 2 Periods in 1 Month

Is it okay to have 2 periods in 1 calendar month? Absolutely! (Well, sort of.) Did you happen to catch the recent article in Elite Daily, "Does February Mess Up Your Period?" If not, we'll give you the quick run down here.

Ann Mullen, our Health Education Director, informed us that our cycle lengths can be different from cycle to cycle. And that is OK! Everyone has SOME variation in their cycle lengths. But what about two periods in one month? If you think about it, the average cycle length is 28 days and the average calendar month is about 30 1/2 days. So if you get your period at the very beginning of the calendar month, it is very likely that your next period will come at the end of the same calendar month. So if you happen to get your period TWICE in one month, it doesn't necessarily mean you're early. It demonstrates that your cycles follow their own pattern and not the calendar.

Speaking of schedules and calendars, this would be a GREAT time to encourage you to keep tracking your periods in the Dot app. And keep adding in those period start dates! When you track your cycles it can help you better understand your own cycle's natural pattern and differences in length from cycle to cycle. Also, Dot has health alerts when cycles are truly out of range, so you will know when your cycles are unusually short or long. (Just make sure you've set your Dot app to receive notifications.) Pretty smart, heh?

Another myth busted.

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