Know What Your Fertility App Is Designed To Do

Women use fertility apps for many reasons. Dot Fertility is designed to prevent pregnancy, plan pregnancy, and predict periods

Today women are turning to fertility apps as part of their daily lives. And with 1,000s of fertility apps on the market it can get a bit confusing. There's an app for everything! In a recent article published in Scary Mommy, Karen Johnson discusses with Leslie Heyer of Cycle Technologies the importance of doing your homework before relying on a fertility app - especially if you are using an app to prevent pregnancy.

"The smart phone generation is turning to apps like Dot to track their reproductive cycles as opposed to popping a pill every morning. And companies like Cycle Technologies (which created Dot) see this trend and want to help today's women do just that - have power over their reproductive health, using safe, tech-savvy means to do it."

Excerpt from "What You Need To Know About Contraception And Fertility Apps"

by Karen Johnson for Scary Mommy.

Read the full article here.


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