New Feature! Pregnancy Mode and Countdown

Dot's New Pregnancy Tracker Feature

We are thrilled to announce that the Dot iPhone app now has a new feature - a Pregnancy Mode! Users can now pause Dot when they find out they're expecting. Dot will countdown the days until your bundle arrives!

How to put Dot on hold?

Once you've confirmed your pregnancy with a pregnancy test or doctor's visit, go into Settings. Tap on Pregnancy Mode and turn it on. Dot will convert to a pregnancy tracker and will tell you exactly what week you are in and how many days until your expected due date based on your last period.

When your periods return, you can begin tracking with Dot. There will be special instructions for starting back up as your cycles adjust.

We hope you love it! And thank you for the feedback from users that led us to making this new feature. We plan to make this update on Android soon too.

About Dot

Developed by Cycle Technologies, Dot™ uses a patent-pending contraceptive technology based on Dynamic Optimal Timing™. Learn more about Dot on our website and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To subscribe to our newsletter, please click here.

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