Having the Birth Control Talk with Your Partner

Getting romantic this Valentine’s Day? Be sure to talk about birth control!

Valentine’s Day and romance. Obviously they were made for each other. But before tonight’s night out with your special someone, be sure to have the birth control talk.

Don’t make assumptions

You may think you know what your partner is thinking, but do you really? For some things in life, it may not matter if you’re not on the same page. Like when he buys whole milk and you wanted skim. But when it comes to birth control, you’d better know what’s going on in his head.

This is why we recommend sitting down and chatting with him about your needs and preferences. Want to get pregnant in the near future? Talk about it. Afraid of STIs and want to use condoms to protect yourself? Talk about it.

And here’s the thing, if you don’t bring it up, the chances are good that he won’t either. Often, men assume if you’re not talking about it, then you’re on the pill. And fewer than half offer a condom without you asking about it.

Do your research on types of birth control

Before you have “The Talk,” do some research on different kinds of birth control and have a good idea for what you want to use.

Condoms, for instance, are the best protection against STIs, but there is a chance they could break, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.

The pill, IUDs, and injectables all offer better protection from unplanned pregnancy than condoms or other barrier methods, but they come with side effects for you and they don’t prevent STIs.

Fertility awareness methods can be as effective as hormonal options, but only if you and your partner are on the same page about using them, and using them correctly. Of course, they don’t protect against STI’s either so using condoms if you think there’s even a possibility of getting an STI is a good idea.

So ahead of talking with your partner, figure out how comfortable you are with hormonal options or with managing your fertility with a natural method, and if you’re worried about STIs, From there decide which option is the best fit for you.

Explain why birth control is important

When you sit down and talk with your partner, you both have probably heard or learned about birth control in school, from movies, from friends, but he might have heard different things from different sources.

Start from a place of mutual benefit - birth control is protection for BOTH of you. It protects both of you from becoming parents before you’re ready and depending on the type of birth control you choose, it can help prevent STIs.

Share your research on types of birth control

Go into detail about the pros and cons of each type and explain which you think would be best for your relationship and why. Ask him what he prefers, but don’t be afraid to say what you need.

Be firm on using contraception

If you aren’t looking to have children in the near future or if you are concerned about STIs, stand your ground on birth control.

Most partners really do want what is best for you as well as for themselves, so you shouldn’t have problems here. If he’s not willing to listen to your needs, maybe revisit the health of the relationship.

Still don’t feel ready for this talk?

We get it. It could be an awkward conversation, but it’s one that can ultimately build trust and bring you and your partner closer.

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You can also use Dot as a visual aid to help explain when pregnancy is most likely to happen during your cycle and then segue into how contraception can help fix that.

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