Dot's Ovulation Predictor: Get to Know When You're Most Likely to Ovulate

Dot’s new Ovulation Predictor is like having your very own ovulation forecaster.

Dot’s new Ovulation Predictor is like having your very own ovulation forecaster.

Image: Cycle Technologies - Dot Fertility Period Tracker, Ovulation Date Predictor screen.

We hear you!

You've heard that predicting ovulation is possible, right? Actually, it's more of a "Yes and No". No one (or app!) can predict your exact date of ovulation. It's just not possible right now. CT's health education director, Ann Mullen, says, "The only way we could say exactly when you ovulate would be if we posted a miniature person with a camera on your ovaries and watched."

LOL! But that doesn't mean we can't make a close estimate for you! Plus, our Dot users have been asking us to include this feature.

Voila! Dot now has an estimation feature!

How does it work?

Dot identifies the date that you are statistically most likely to ovulate based on your unique cycle lengths and global fertility data. It is important to know that ovulation could occur earlier or later than this date.

The estimated ovulation date is for informational purposed only. If using Dot to prevent or plan pregnancy, adhere to Dot’s recommendation regarding High or Low risk days.

Dot's new ovulation predictor is now available iOS (Android version is coming soon.)

- Download Dot iOS here.

- Download Dot Android here.

About Dot

Developed by Cycle Technologies, Dot™ uses a patent-pending, contraceptive technology based on Dynamic Optimal Timing™. Learn more about Dot on our website, or connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date announcements. To subscribe to our newsletter, please click here.

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