Dot FAQs: How do I know if this is the right birth control method for me?

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There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a birth control method, such as your phase of life, possible side effects, existing medical conditions, ease of use, cost, and so on. Women use different methods throughout their reproductive lifetimes. You may choose a hormonal method at one point, but may wish to use a natural method at another.

Almost anyone who gets periods can use Dot. If you want to use Dot for pregnancy prevention, your cycles should be between 20-40 days long. If your cycles are extremely short (shorter than 20 days) or extremely long (longer than 40 days), you may want to talk to your healthcare provider. Additionally, if you have a lot of variation in your cycles (more than 10 days between your shortest and longest cycles), Dot may not be recommended for you as pregnancy prevention. Dot will let you know if you're cycle is out of that range.

Dot does not require you to track other fertility signs such as temperature or secretions. Your period start dates is all that needed when using the Dot app. Tracking your symptoms will not make the method more effective. However, if you're a fan of symptom and mood tracking, you can track your symptoms in Dot Pro.

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