Dot Fertility & Period Tracker: Ad Campaign Results

The Dot app ad campaign winner "birth control as unique as you"

Cycle Technologies recently held an event that showcased a series of ad campaigns to support the launch of the Dot Android app. The ads illustrate Dot's patent-pending family planning method and advanced technology. They also highlight the fact that Dot gives users a contraceptive solution entirely available on their smartphone device.

As recap for those who couldn't attend in person, we shared four ad campaigns:

  • The Easiest Way to Accurately Prevent or Plan Pregnancy

  • Powerful Information That Puts You In Control

  • Birth Control As Unique As You

  • Advancing Women's Family Planning Options

The winning concept was Dot's "unique" series with the tagline, "Birth Control As Unique As You." Many of you liked the tag and commented that it's brief, clever, and highlighted the main distinguishing benefit of the Dot app. We also received comments on the series describing it as"eye-catching", "colorful", and "fun". Which pretty much sums up the Dot brand.

Cycle Technologies showcases the Dot app's unique ability to prevent or plan pregnancy.
Many describe Dot Fertility & Period Tracker as Unique. Cycle Technologies develops a series of ad campaigns to illustrate how Dot is different.

Of course it was interesting that this was one of the most polarizing of the campaigns. While the majority of people loved it, a few people ranked it as their least favorite. Hmmmm.....we love being just a bit controversial. Let us know what you think!

Check out a few photos from the event here. We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you at an upcoming Cycle Technologies' events in the future.

Cycle Technologies is a social impact company focused on women's health. Our mission is to prevent unintended pregnancies and help people have the families they want when they are ready. Products include CycleBeads®, TwoDay™, and Dot™. Connect with us anytime! Follow us Twitter, like us on Facebook, or drop us a line at

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