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Hello & Happy Holidays!

We’d like to give you a quick update on what’s happening at Cycle Technologies during this busy season. First, we're having a party and asking you to share your thoughts on some fun, new ad campaigns for Dot. We would love it if you can join us on December 9th. We also have an interesting update on work in India where the CycleBeads Android app has been making a big impact. There’s a recap on the recent Contraceptive Technology conference and a few upcoming events this month. And finally, we highlight a brilliantly simple innovation that is giving children sustainable shoes they can wear for a long, long time.


Leslie Heyer,

President, Cycle Technologies

We're Keeping Busy


Dot The App Beta Testers Are Super Heros

THOUSANDS of women are using the Dot iphone app's powerful algorithm to know their pregnancy risks each day of their cycles. To support the upcoming Dot Android app launch, we've designed a few rad ads we believe will keep the momentum going and help better inform women everywhereabout this innovative family planning option. And, on December 9th, we're inviting YOU to share your thoughts and vote for your favorite ad campaigns during a cocktails & conversations event at Cycle Technologies’ headquarters.

Click the RSVP link for more information.


Dot The App dotcom has a new website

Recent work in India shows that the CycleBeads app is having a positive impact. Key highlights to date include:

- Over 100,000 women in India have downloaded the CycleBeads Android app in the past two months.

- Approximately 29% of the women who downloaded the app are using it to PREVENT pregnancy,

- 50% to plan a pregnancy, and 21% to track their cycles. According to in-app surveys, more than 70% of the women using the app to prevent pregnancy, were not using contraception prior to downloading the CycleBeads app.

- Top 3 reasons all women cite for using the CycleBeads app: 1) it’s simple and easy to use, 2) it’s natural, and 3) I was worried about side effects.

This work is ongoing so we hope to have more information to report soon.

Out & About

Cycle Technologies Out and About Events


Did you attend the Contraceptive Technology conference in Atlanta recently? If so, you may have seen this friendly face! Health Education Director, Ann Mullen, joined colleagues from the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) to update conference attendees on the latest work in fertility awareness as well as adolescent and gender-based research in global health. An enthusiastic crowd of doctors, midwives, nurses, and other healthcare providers were also eager to learn more about the upcoming Dot efficacy study!


- Cocktails & Conversations at Cycle Technologies HQ, December 9

- A Look Ahead: Healthcare at Washington Post,

December 12

- Digital Health Fireside Chat at The Wonder Bread Factory,

December 14

Innovative Thinking


Family Planning and Sustainability

Problem: 300 million children do not have shoes and many more children don't have shoes that fit. Children’s feet grow so quickly, it can be hard in a low resource setting to keep up. Lack of proper footwear increases the risk of diseases and parasites entering in the body, especially in areas where unsafe, unsanitary conditions are present.

Solution: The Shoe That Grows helps address this problem with sustainable and solid footwear that expands and adjusts as children's feet grow. It can grow 5 sizes and lasts for years!

Don’t you love innovative solutions that address hard problems and make a real impact?

That's all folks! Until next time.

Cycle Technologies is a social impact company focused on women's health. Our mission is to prevent unplanned pregnancies and help people have the families they want when they are ready. Products include CycleBeads®, TwoDay™ Method, and Dot™. Connect with us anytime! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or drop us a line at

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