Boo! Terrifying Birth Control Stories!

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to post real-life stories about birth control from around the world. You know, those stories that make you go, “EEEK!!!!!"

Take a look at this IUD-gun designed to be used by non-medically trained staff. Yikes!

How about forced contraception? You betcha! Here, here, aaaand here.

Have you ever thought about inserting a potato in your vagina as a way to prevent pregnancy? OUCH! Find out what happens to one woman who tried it. We bet you’ll never look at a potato the same way again!

And globally women are sharing their experiences with birth control, specifically the birth control pill, using the hashtag #myPillStory. These comical, tearful experiences highlight why we need birth control options.

We don't really want to terrify you! We want you to stay informed, safe, and knowledgeable about your contraceptive options.

Happy Halloween!

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