#TBT: Dot is Smart Birth Control & Family Planning (Video)

Here's a throwback Thursday to our first Dot app commercial!

In case you missed it, Dynamic Optimal Timing™ (Dot™) is a patent-pending family planning and birth control method that tells you your risk of pregnancy every day. Although the science and statistics behind Dot are complicated, using it is not. Just enter your period start date into the app each cycle and Dot does the rest. No gadgets, subscriptions, or external hardware needed. All you need is your smartphone, Dot the app, and your period start dates.

Developed with leading reproductive scientists and technologists, Dot allows users to prevent pregnancy, plan pregnancy, and predict your future periods. Dot is simple. Dot is science. Dot is empowering. Learn more about Dot. Have questions? Visit our FAQs or drop us an email to Hello@DotTheApp.com

Dot for Android coming soon! Sign-up to be a Dot Android Beta Tester!

You can download Dot for iOS here.

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