New Technology Identifies Conception Risks for Each Day of a Woman’s Cycle (Dynamic Optimal Timing™

Dynamic Optimal Timing™ can be used to plan or prevent pregnancy via smartphone

Washington, D.C. (August 11, 2015) - Cycle Technologies today announced the launch of Dot™, a period-tracking and fertility app based on the patent-pending Dynamic Optimal Timing (DOT) approach. This new family planning method accurately determines a woman’s risk of pregnancy for each day of her cycle using just her period start dates. Dot the app makes it possible for a woman to reliably plan or prevent pregnancy using just her smartphone. Developed with leading reproductive health experts and statisticians, Dot is designed to be highly accurate and effective.

“While the fertility app market has exploded in recent years, this is the first and only period-tracking app that can be used for pregnancy prevention as well as pregnancy planning, regardless of a woman’s cycle lengths,” says Leslie Heyer, president of Cycle Technologies.

The company, building off its success offering proven fertility awareness-based family planning methods such as the Standard Days Method®, saw an opportunity to develop a new family planning option.

“Women wanted this,” says Heyer. “From our experience working in reproductive health and from the feedback we’ve had from women all over the world, we know that they want a safe, effective way to manage their fertility without complexity.”

The company developed the DOT methodology over the past 18 months working with leading reproductive health experts including Dr. Victoria Jennings, Director of the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University and Dr. David Dunson, Distinguished Professor, Department of Statistical Science at Duke University. The approach was developed using large-scale data sets from the World Health Organization and cross-referenced with cycle information from women in the U.S.

Dot’s key benefits include:

  • Uses only a woman’s period start date - it is simple and easy to use, requiring no charting, temperature tracking, or additional hardware

  • Identifies a woman’s risk of pregnancy for each day of her cycle

  • Customizes information based on a woman’s unique cycles and tailors over time

  • Can be used for both pregnancy prevention and pregnancy planning

  • Works for almost all women with cycles between 20 and 40 days

  • As a fertility awareness-based approach, it is natural and causes no side effects

Dot the app is now available for free download in iTunes and will be available for Android users later this year.

For more information about the method and the iPhone app, visit or watch the :90 second Dot video.


Cycle Technologies is a socially minded consumer products and technology company that creates brilliantly simple solutions to help address global health needs. Since 2002 the company has worked with researchers, healthcare partners, and technologists to identify, develop, and make available leading edge ideas that fit its mission. To see more about the company’s initiatives, visit

Dynamic Optimal Timing (DOT) is the only family planning solution that relies solely on a woman’s period start dates to provide her with dynamic information about her chance of pregnancy for each day of her cycle so she can plan or prevent pregnancy. This patent-pending method, developed with leading reproductive health experts, is designed to be highly effective and to work for almost all women. Dot the app – a brilliantly simple health innovation from Cycle Technologies.


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