5 Things You Need to Know Before Downloading That Fertility App

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Download That Fertility App

So you want to start tracking your cycle. You’ve got iTunes at the ready, with 800 fertility awareness apps staring you in the face. Before you download a thing, think about these 5 questions.

1.) The biggie - Is it accurate?

Whether you’re downloading the app to learn more about what’s happening in your body, or you intend to use the app to plan or prevent a pregnancy, accuracy is key. The million dollar question - Does the app rely upon a proven scientific method? Or is it just a really cute calendar interface? Bringing us to question #2

2.) Is it personalized for you?

Beyond choosing the color of your interface, is the app personalized to you? Are you given unique advice based on your personal data? Or is there a one size fits all approach?

3.) Who is putting it out?

Fertility Awareness is a science. Are the developers established reproductive health experts?

4.) Is it easy to use?

An app, if done correctly, is doing the science for you. Is the method easy to understand? Is the screen simple? Are you realistically going to use it?

5.) Is your data private?

Your personal business is just that, personal. You don’t need to give up your privacy just to learn about ovulation days.

Happy Downloading!

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