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The following “My Birth Control Story” was submitted to Cycle Technologies by Michelle T, a Dot user. It was published on Cycle Technologies' blog here

I did it! I broke up with my old contraception. Just like that. I chucked it in the trash in search of something better. (I call him Pill.) Don't get me wrong. Pill is wonderful in some ways and has always been there for me over the years, but Pill stopped working for me. New Year - New You, right? Maybe not exactly, but I do think my transition to my new birth control method, Dot, is one step closer to what I really want in the long-term.


I'll start with my answer to your last question, “Is there anything else we should know?” because I think that question will cover all the other questions you have listed.


I’m 29 years old. Live in Florida, and describe myself as a "very adult back-to-school student". I recently enrolled in a full time online university program to further my professional credentials. Like most older students, I'm in transition. I’m busy juggling a life, a semi on-again-off-again relationship, and a super cute, boxer-pit mix named Wiley.


On most days, I'm financially tapped. Not because I have the spending habits of a teenager with their first credit card. Tuition, health insurance premiums, and just plain trying to get into a healthier lifestyle gets expensive. Ditching Pill seemed like the next logical step in this whole "me" transitional period. What set me over the edge were all the politics surrounding birth control and having to pay out-of-pocket for my prescription. 


Like many women approaching 30, my birth control story has a history. Meaning, I've tried many different types of birth control methods over the years. From pills to rings to nothing to whatever my OB would guilt me into using at that time, I believe that I'm pretty well versed in the birth control battle about which method is right for me. A lot of my previous methods gave me side effects that I never signed up for, which didn’t make me happy at all. Some left me fat, some caused breakouts, some made me more emotionally unstable than usual…I started thinking that ditching them all together was what I should do. There was hope in a low-hormone version of Pill but I kept forgetting to take it at the time I was supposed to take it (sometimes several days in a row). So frustrating to have to start a new pack all over again! I’ll skip other unpleasantries, but suffice it to say, my relationship with hormonal birth control was coming to an end long before the actual separation.


In the summer of 2017, my BFF introduced me to your app, Dot. I had heard about it, but wasn't exactly sure how it worked. Your description of "natural birth control" had me intrigued. After some research, lots of back-and-forth emails to your customer service person, and reading what others were saying about it, I downloaded it. It's really easy to navigate and so pretty! A few months after bailing on Pill, my periods returned back to my 23-25-day cycle and now I use it as my contraception. So far, it’s been spot on in the period-prediction category, and I love the fact that all I have to do is enter in my period dates. The privacy part is perfect for me, because I don't trust all the vulnerabilities in technology anymore. The fact that my info is stored only on my phone is exactly what I want. (THANK YOU for adding the back-up reminder, by the way.) 


You know your product more than I can describe it here, and I'm not sure how you'll use my personal birth control story, but if you do publish it, I want your readers to know that THIS user really believes it's the future for women like me. The TURQUOISE, LOW screen with the "thumbs-up" icon showing me that I can have sex without the risk of pregnancy and that RED, HIGH screen "warning" symbol helps me plan ahead so much better. I keep condoms now in my purse as a result of those high days. My boyfriend loves Dot, too, because he doesn't have to worry about me getting pregnant. I'm so on top of our sex-life and I can show him the screen right then and there if he worries about getting me pregnant.


Dot is literally amazing. 


I'm not sure if this is the life-changing birth control story you were hoping to read, but I really do think people need to hear my story and how life-changing Dot has been for me so far. Your company has a great thing going and I can only imagine how many people share my appreciation for your app. Dot is giving me a chance to explore ways to beat my past birth control dilemmas. I also have a new found appreciation for my periods, too. I also just feel so much better about myself. It may be the newer, healthier lifestyle or the fact that I'm paying attention to self-care more, I think my experience and birth control story will help others understand that there are options out there for them.


Feel free to publish any or all of my story. Just not my last name, please. Thanks for letting me share this!



Michelle T.


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