Dot is the easiest way to accurately plan pregnancy, prevent pregnancy and predict future periods.

And Dot works no matter how long or short your cycles are. Dot is designed for cycles ranging between 20 and 40 days and takes into account the fact that your cycle lengths can vary from month to month. It works by comparing your information to known fertility data to give you your personalized risk of conception on a daily basis. It is the only period tracking app that you can use to effectively prevent pregnancy or plan a pregnancy with your individual data. 

With Dot, all you need to track is your period start dates. The proprietary technology that powers the app, does the rest. The sophisticated algorithm behind Dot accurately predicts your risk or chance of pregnancy on each day of your cycle.


The Dot home screen tells you whether you are on a high or low risk day. You can expand the view to see your high and low risk days for your whole cycle. When you click on your profile view, Dot shows you your daily conception risk on each day of your cycle. 

If you are using Dot to prevent pregnancy, you should avoid sex on your high risk days or use a barrier form of contraception on those days (like a condom).

If you are using Dot to plan a pregnancy, having sex on days where your chance of pregnancy is high increases your chance of conception.