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Highlighted App Reviews

Dot is a lifesaver. My wacky cycles triggered a health issue that prompted me to see my OB. Suffice to say -- Dot saved my life. Thanks to the company for developing this app and for giving me the chance to look into my health further.
~ Dot iOS app user review by soccent82

The only app I'll ever use for tracking, usually accurate. ~ Dot Android app user review by Natalie V

I love this app. I was skeptical at first, but other forms of birth control has never worked well with my body. I really enjoy how it "predicts" your next period. I knew natural family planning was the way I needed to go, and I am so glad I found this app. It also helps me understand my cycle better than I have before. I highly recommend this app. ~ Dot Android app user review by Taylor R

Really accurate. I've been using dot for at least a year and the period predictor has been spot on. I really like that you can now see ovulation. ~ Dot iOS app user review by 19charlotte

Awesome app! I've tried many cycle tracking apps and this one takes the cake. Beautiful modern interface, easy to use, sends you notifications about your fertile window and your anticipated start date, and adaptable for people trying to achieve pregnancy or avoid it. Highly recommend! ~ Dot iOS app user review by tayvandev

Accurate and clean app. User friendly, accurate, and to the point app. Been using for years. ~ Dot iOS app user review by acousticlovers

Long time user. Love this app! Did a class presentation with it for my OB class during nursing school. ~ Dot iOS app user review by beinglbz

My cycle has always been irregular, making it difficult to determine when I ovulated. Dot made that a whole lot easier...I got to finally understand my cycle and track my most fertile period for conception. Thanks so much to best app team. ~ Dot Android app user review by Rashida Z

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