Did you know that tracking your cycle can provide a lot of helpful information about your overall health? We’ve updated the Dot app to identify patterns in your cycle that could indicate a potential health and/or fertility issue. If your cycles are very short, very lon...

Being a part of our Dot Pro community of users is about so much more than having nifty features with Dot the app. Funds are invested in research, the development of technologies and making these natural, scientifically-based family planning contraceptive technologies a...

New and innovative family planning solutions is where it's at! It was also the topic on Cheddar TV's closing bell with Kristen Scholer and Kori Hale. In case you missed it, check out this live interview with Cycle Technologies Founder, Leslie Heyer on Cheddar as Dot Fe...

Dot uses the latest in science and technology to accurately predict your pregnancy risks using  JUST your period start dates.

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