Oh, birth control! Such a love-hate relationship. Condoms are no exception. They’re arguably the most readily available method of birth control, but do they act

Birth control got you down? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by too many options or frustrated with your current method, it might be time to reconsider your birth control choices. The good news is that you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels in birth control blah. Her...

There are a lot of different contraceptive options and it’s important to find the one that fits your needs today. The Depo-Provera birth control shot is an injectable contraceptive. Learn more about how it works and possible side effects here.

The birth control pill is a pretty recent contraceptive innovation, but in its short(ish) lifespan, it’s seen a lot of drama. Read more here.

Contraception hasn’t always been the well-researched science it is today. Here’s a look at what birth control options women have had over the centuries.

As a relationship progresses, don’t avoid the difficult conversations. Like, what contraception should we use? Talk with your partner about birth control. Learn more about how to have the conversation here.

Whether you use Dot to plan pregnancy, prevent pregnancy, or predict future periods, we're thrilled when we learn about how we're helping women meet their fertility goals simply and effectively using Dot Fertility Period Tracker.

Check out this recent fun...

Having worked with natural birth control methods for the past fourteen years, we know that besides being viable, effective methods, they appeal to eco-conscientious people and people concerned about which substances they put in their bodies. And as one thing leads to a...

 Flowers are nice. Chocolates are nice too. But what's really gets our heart pumping are the people who believe in the importance of family planning. It's quick shout out to all those who support our work and our mission to reduce unintended pregnancies with family pla...

Birth control matters especially when 225 million women worldwide still have an unmet need for family planning. During a recent social media chat with Bedsider and Cosmopolitan, it was great to see so many passionate, engaged participants showing their love for bi...

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