Considering that it’s National Teen Pregnancy Prevention month, we want to do our part in supporting the cause. While teen pregnancy is at an all time low in the United States, it still ranks higher here than in most developed countries.

It’s our belief that we all can...

Let’s talk conception. Did you think it would be as easy as 1, 2, 3? You have sex, and just like that, you’re pregnant. That’s what many of us heard in middle school. Now when we try to get pregnant, we find out it’s not quite that easy.

There are actually only about 6...

Happy National Women’s Health Week! We believe healthy women are empowered women who can change the world. Plenty will be said this week about what you can do to protect your overall health.

But since we’re kind of fans of periods and reproductive health here at Dot, we...

Mom. One of the most powerful words we know. We want to take a moment to celebrate all the victories and joys the mothers in our lives create every day. But we also want to support them in the unseen (and often unsaid) difficulties they face. 

Being a mom isn’t eas...

Tracking your period may seem like something best left to the overachievers and the paranoid. But did you know tracking your cycle could help your doctor diagnose underlying health issues? Read more here:

Tech products not only change how you track your period and fertility. They can also help you have better mental health. Here are 5 products we’re super excited about.

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