Prevent or Plan Pregnancy and predict future periods on your phone!

What is DOT?


Dot is a fertility app developed by Cycle Technologies in collaboration with experts in the fields of reproductive health and data science. Dot has been tested in a rigorous clinical trial* and shown to be very effective when used for pregnancy prevention. It is 95% effective with typical use and 99% effective with perfect use.


Dot works by determining  your chance of pregnancy for each day of your cycle. This is information that you can use to prevent pregnancy, plan pregnancy, or simply track your cycles. The only input you need to enter is your period-start date. Dot's algorithm takes multiple factors into account in addition to your unique cycle pattern to evaluate your pregnancy risk. Dot flags your days as HIGH or LOW risk when used in Preventing Pregnancy mode, and as HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW chance when used in Planning Pregnancy and Tracking Cycle modes. This is powerful information that you can use to meet your reproductive goals.


*Dot was tested in a full-scale effectiveness trial by the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University with funding support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Dot only needs your period-start dates to accurately identify your pregnancy risk.

Features You Will Love.

Tailored Information

Dot gives you tailored information based on your reproductive goals and your cycle data.

Daily Pregnancy Risk

Dot lets you instantly know if you are on a High, Medium or Low-risk day for pregnancy.

Ovulation Calculator

Dot identifies statistically the most likely day for ovulation each cycle based on your unique cycle history.

Period Predictor

Dot isn’t just a period tracker, it’s a period predictor. Dot gives you accurate period predictions for the next 6 months!

Health Alerts

Dot alerts users if it sees a cycle pattern that indicates a possible health concern.

Data Security

Your data resides on your phone, not with us!  Dot also can be password protected. 

Notes, Symptoms & Mood Tracking

Dot lets you track symptoms and take notes so you can keep a record of any important info. 

and more!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


I love everything about this app. It has helped me keep track of period, and be safe with my partner like nothing else. 


Keep doing what you’re doing Dot! You might just be changing the world. Or, at least the worlds of women who want better birth control :). 


When I entered my last cycle, dot gave me warning that I hadn’t seen before - I guess because my wacky cycles could be a health issue sign and that I should get a check up with my doctor. Im scared sh*tless but realize I can’t ignore my health any longer. Thanks to the company for developing this app and for giving me the chance to look into my health further. It’s been a lifesaver as my birth control and now may possibly be a lifesaver for other things too. Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that it automatically switched me from using it as a pregnancy prevention tool to a period tracking tool. That’s really cool. 

I think it's amazing